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The Triangle pose will help you lengthen your spine, stretching the hips and opening up shoulders.


2.Cat & Cow:

This exercise gives your spine a full extension and also allows strained muscles to relax as we tend to slouch or lean in the seated posture.

3.Cobra Pose:

The Cobra pose stretches out your spine and corrects alignment, again relieving the muscles as it opens up your chest and shoulders.


4.Thread the Needle:

This posture increases range of motion and helps reduce stiffness in your back.


5. Downward Dog:

This posture engages your midsection, lengthens the spine and helps it rest. It also improves your alignment.


These postures are meant to relax and relieve your back pain, so don’t push too hard. Remember to listen to your body, and give it the rest it needs. Be mindful of your posture through the day. A health hack to reduce back ache? Get off your chair/ work station once every hour, just for a minute. Take a walk around the room, do some stretches and then get back to work.

Stay Healthy. Stay Happy.

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